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15 Year Fixed
Rate: 2.375%
APR: 2.612%

30 Year Fixed
Rate: 2.750%
APR: 3.005%


30 Year Fixed
Rate: 2.875%
APR: 3.963%

VA Loan

30 Year Fixed
Rate: 2.875%
APR: 3.156%


15 Year Fixed
Rate: 5.00%
APR: 5.221%

20 Year Fixed
Rate: 5.25%
APR: 5.446%

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What To Expect

At USE Federal Credit Union, it is our mission to provide service that exceeds your expectations. From the very beginning, your mortgage loan officer will be with you every step of the way. From the time you step through our doors until closing, your loan officer will be there to advise and to serve you.

To avoid any unforeseen surprises, certain information (depending on your type of loan) will be needed in order to begin your loan process. Your mortgage loan officer will discuss all the necessary requirements pertaining to your particular loan. Not only is this information required, but can also be very beneficial to you as well. Surprises are for birthday parties…not loans.

Approval Criteria

Credit Score

When applying for any type of financing, your credit score is key. The higher your credit score the lower your rate. One of the first things your USEFCU mortgage loan officer will do is take a look at your credit score to determine the rate available to you.

Down Payment

Depending on your type of mortgage loan, you will most likely be required to pay a percentage up front. Your mortgage loan officer will discuss these options with you.

Debt to Income Ratio

Another factor that can have an effect on your loan application is your debt to income ratio. So what’s that? Your debt-to-income ratio is the total of your monthly debt payments divided by your gross monthly income. Your gross monthly income is generally the amount of money you have earned before your taxes and other deductions are taken out.

Employment History

Steady employment is highly regarded when applying for any type of loan. To assist in verifying your employment history, you may be asked to present paycheck stubs from your current employer.